Company Profile: Meyosis is a manufacturer of top quality hospital equipment, including hospital beds, emergency stretchers, crash carts and delivery beds. Being in ─░stanbul, we are in a proximity of anywhere in the world. We aim to deliver with the highest pace of the industry. As a manufacturer of hospital beds & hospital furniture, our mission is to provide comfort in healing for both patients and healthcare personnel, who are in very close proximity of our products. Our product quality is driven by working with European designers and European technology suppliers. We manufacture all our products in accordance with ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified quality management systems. At Meyosis we continue to operate with the vision of becoming the most preferred hospital furniture brand in the world. Products: Hospital Beds, Crash Carts, Emergency Carts, Emergency Stretchers, Over Bed Tables, Bed Side Cabinets, Gynecologic Examination Couches, Baby Cribs

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